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India- the land of wonders and enigma! Enchanting landscapes & innocent smiles, woven in rich culture and traditions – Unlike Cities the Indian villages have a rhythm of their own. The rural regions of a country displays its true identity, maybe that’s why they say- the soul of a country lies in its countryside!

We wish to welcome you to the simplicity of life. Walk away from your nine-to-five jobs into the swaying paddy fields, grazing cattle, far-flung mountains, charismatic festivals, the sun-kissed beaches, time-honoured traditions and above all connect without blackberry’s or Facebook, with the warm local communities and their anecdotes. Explore the wideness of sight and soul with a trip with us to Rural India.

Adventure lovers, Art lovers, Nature lovers, globetrotters and more!

Our guests are travelers who play a crucial part in opening up a world of meaningful travel and help empower families and communities of the locations they travel to. To us, meaningful travel is when travel enriches your life in some way. We aim to bring to you some such cool, striking and fresh experiences. Grab yourself a coffee & take a look at our services.



We discover the stories of lesser known countryside locations and convey their truths in a way that helps you make a meaningful emotional connection with the place.


A way to mingle with kind hearted people amidst picturesque locations and get first-hand info about traditions, food, art, music, places.


We bring to you new travel experiences & customized itineraries crafted with passion & love to match your interests and needs.

Inspire, Engage & Revive

Monsoon Mania

Rains simply bring romance! Picturesque green landscapes, drizzle dappled cathedrals, majestic and full flowing waterfalls during monsoon in India is something to adore.
To celebrate the rains, Monsoon Mania is back with its second edition

Art & Heart

Nativefolks presents a unique trip to the cultural hub of India – Orissa.
Indulge the creative genius in you by, not just admiring the local crafts but by also learning the tricks of the trades with the master craftsmen. A recommended journey for all the artistic souls out there

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