Rural experiences for Urban hearts.
Choose from a host of offbeat locations and travel experiences.

Why travel with Nativefolks ?

Nativefolks is all about the native folks.

Nativefolks is a social enterprise. With us you get to explore the wideness of sight and soul of rural India. You can connect with the local communities and experience the local customs and traditions first-hand. Above all you get to experience a more meaningful and responsible form of travel


Travel experiences crafted with love, weaved around traditions, food, art, music and
indigenous ways of village life.

A glimpse of rural India for you

Our rural Indian destinations are ideal if you are looking to walk away from your nine-to-five jobs into swaying paddy fields with grazing cattle, far-flung mountains, unique festivals, the sun-kissed beaches and time-honoured traditions

We empower village communities with the help of rural tourism. This increases exposure to local Indian arts, heritage and culture which in turn opens up alternate livelihood opportunities for the villagers, thereby rejuvenating the local economy.

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At the same time, we offer travelers homestay, day experience and immersive journey options that allow them to get a glimpse of their host’s lives and the cultural heritage.

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