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Its probably exactly same like yours..just different places & names. Two things you can already guess: it’s a love story and it’s about travel.


A visit to a certain village in Maharashtra in 2012, changed something deep within. I found smiles and laughter amongst the poorest of people, learnt that there are more ways to look at anything and everything and that there is no limit to what one can learn & evolve. Further realization stuck when we returned to our homes- I saw my house, my people, my surroundings differently. Showers became shorter and every action more thoughtful. I could no longer wait to travel again, to learn and to know more kind- hearted people.


My journey through various villages of India left me amazed at the stark differences between urban & rural world. This led to the dream..to do something which works hard at changing hearts, minds and habits. To do something which helps in preserving and enhancing the dynamics that makes rural life special and sustainable. A belief that Art & Travel both have the potential to do more than just entertain, that it has power to revive humanity by altering perceptions, emotions and actions for the good of us all, paved the way for many ideas. Cutting the initial struggle & story short, next we jump to the launch :)


Year 2014. Nativefolks was born with a dream to help travelers experience this intoxicating spirit of bonding. We started off with identifying & developing our first set of homestays at Divar island and slowly added a few more homestays & experiences at other parts of Goa. The idea is to bring about a positive change in people’s thinking just by living and appreciating other people’ lives and culture. Going further we wish to bring to you some new experiences by covering distinct countryside locations, communities, their cultures, their way of life, all the drama and stories.

It takes a Village…(or atleast a team)


Thanks to the constant encouragement and generous contribution from family, friends and complete strangers towards taking the first step in making this dream come true. The community in believing in this project and our guests for supporting small initiatives like ours. I am grateful that I was able to trade in my full time job with full time working on Nativefolks. Now everyday is a new adventure, a new opportunity to do something meaningful. This year June, Nativefolks completed one year, so did Damroo (my pet dog) :) Happy to make a little less on money but more on laughs, food and some golden tan.

Watch out this space to meet new members joining our team. We hope to add a new location outside Goa in the coming days.

Ashwini Krishna

The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.

We would love to listen to you and talk about possiblities. So if you are excited about sharing a new idea or joining us on a trip do give us a call or send an email.

COME VISIT AT US: GITIC, GCCI Building, Plot no 1, 1st Floor, Verna Salcete, Goa Pin-403722

OR CONTACT US ON: +91 9607013300, info@nativefolks.com

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