3 Simple reasons why we love Goa in rains..

18 July 2014

Rains bring romance in Goa. Cloud-covered beaches, Picturesque green landscape, drizzle dappled cathedrals during monsoon in Goa is something to adore. Its cooler and quite different from the days of sunny blue skies. Add to this the drive to Goa via the Konkan, is one of the most amazing drive with picture perfect scenery. A trek to majestic waterfalls like Netravali or Dhoodhsagar will make you fall in love with Goa yet again.


Festivals. Goans celebrate monsoons lavishly by participating in wonderful local festivals. Sao Joao, the feast of St. John the Baptist that will have men leaping into wells, making merry and dancing to the melodious tunes of Goan folk songs.The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm on June 29. Bonderam is the mega festival of Goa that takes place on August 16th & 23rd this year, which is again like a mini carnival.


Budget stay. Good deal for budget conscious tourists. Considered this as a off-season with fewer tourists around this season, there are more no. of accommodation options available and is cheaper too.

For one thing, rains compel us to improvise when we travel. Ever thought, how many interesting people would we not have met, how many delightful conversations would not have taken place, if some downpour had n’t pushed us into a bar or unknown cafe, or stranded us alongside strangers under trees, bus stands, chai tapris?


Happy travelling in monsoon:)



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