5 unique ways to ring in the New Year

15 December 2017

Star-gazing with your besties

Did you know December is the best time for star grazing? So gather your tribe, head to the villages and cuddle up in warm blankets while unravelling the mysteries of constellations in the night sky. Bring in your New Year’s amidst the peace and serenity of a village and if you are looking for some rustic villages to spend New Year’s, do check out this link.

Create a piece of art

Welcome the New Year with an old fashioned potluck house party. Call your friends and create a masterpiece together over popcorn and gossip. It could be a collage of your best memories together or even a painting. One of you could frame it and hang it in your homes. Or, you could even write a letter to your future selves.

P.S: If you are looking at new crafts/skills to master you should gift yourself this Artistic and Rustic package as a New Year’s gift.

Go trekking

If you are feeling adventurous this time of the year then plan a trek with your besties. Enjoy the serenity and bliss of being in nature. Trekking also means bonfires, singing old Bollywood songs, barbeques and dipping roasted marshmallows in melted chocolate. Soul-stuff indeed.. And in case you are searching for ideas, maybe this link will help you.

Do something new. Spend the night somewhere you haven’t before

It’s the New Yearseve, so you need to do something new! Does spending the night in a tent at the edge of a cliff, in the middle of the Western Ghats sound exciting enough? Imagine waking up to this view on 1st January 2018…out of the world, right?
To know more click here.

Cleanse and fill your home with positive energy

Cleaning is therapeutic. So get rid of the clutter in your home, fix the broken stuff and donate what you don’t want. Place green plants and wind chimes to bring in positive energy. You could plan a house party, inviting your closest buddies to help you in the process. And if you are feeling creative add a dream catcher to the To-make-list.



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