Art & Heart

Art & Heart at Raghurajpur, Orissa

The artist has so much to give back to the universe that it spills over & the fallen drops become works of art. It is love in another form ~Nancy Jackson

We bring to you a unique 7 day trip to the cultural hub of India for celebrating life through ‘ART & HEART’. A master stroke in the cultural canvas of India, no where in the world does one get to see such an assemblage of artworks in one single place, other than in this unique village called Raghurajpur situated in the state of Odisha. Besides producing these unique works of art, this village has a living tradition of performing art known as Gotipua, the earlier form of Odissi dance. Like any other trip of Nativefolks, ‘Art & Heart’ aims to support local artists & businesses by promoting local engagement in the arts at the same time providing a great platform for the travelers to learn & exchange their love of art. The week long program is designed to foster awareness and enhance your creative process.



-Arrival at Raghurajpur
-A grand welcome at the village by the natives.
-Our Project Coordinator will show you your stay arrrangement.
-Settle in and later gather for a group briefing.
-Receive the welcome kit containing essentials for learning the art.
-Spend time knowing the village, meet the artisans and understand their way of life.
-Evening play some village games/watch movies played on projector.


-Begin your day with yoga
-Morning session:
Learn the basics of Patta Chitra
-Evening session:
A workshop on color making and mixing


Morning Session:
Palm leaf painting
Evening session:
Paper Mache/Cowdung toys making


Morning Session:
Canvas material processing
Evening Session:
Recycled bottle painting


Morning Session:
Tusser Silk Painting
Evening Session:
Share your knowledge & creativity with school children.
Teach them arts/crafts.


– After Yoga head out for a day tour.
– Go dolphin hopping at Chilka lake.
– Visit the iconic Sun Temple at Konark – a Unesco World Heritage Site.
– Spend some time lazing at the Puri beach
– Return to the village and at night gather for a cultural dance performance.


-Spend time completing your artwork
-Go around the village to shop souvenirs
-Gather for a group picture

You can look forward to experience the best of art & culture India has to offer. An opportunity to meet some wonderful artists and stay amidst the idyllic setting of a beautiful village.
-Your day will begin with Yoga in the mornings.
-Late evenings will be fun as we gather for some games, movies or group activities.
-Authentic local food will be served in the community canteen daily.
-Clean and simple stay will be arranged at the Village guest house.
-Enthusiasts opting to learn Gotipua dance will take out an extra hour from their free time daily for practice.
-Group size: 8- 20 nos. If you have your own group of 8 or more we can arrange this trip on dates as per your convenience. Individual bookings for 1st October can drop in an enquiry or call us on +91 8390651383.

Nearest bus-stand is Chandarpur. It is 10 kms from Puri and 50 kms from Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is well connected by railway and flights to rest of the country.

Pick up & drop:

Once the booking is confirmed, depending on your arrival timings we will arrange vehicles for a pick up & drop upon request. The shared charges will be informed a few days in advance.







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