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Chikal Kalo ’17

Marcel is an idyllic hamlet located 23 kms from Panjim. This village celebrates a very unique festival dedicated to Devki Krishna on the eleventh day of Ashaada month, ie Ekadishi. An interesting fact is that this is the only temple in the world that is dedicated to Devki and Krishna. As a part of this […]

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It’s the month of June and it is pouring cats and dogs. Wild weeds spill over the kaccha footpath. The trail itself is lost amongst the overgrown weeds, but that doesn’t stop the villagers from visiting their neighbour’s house. Like troops they march on. After all it is the 24th of June, the feast of […]

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9 amazing facts you should know about Mud Homes

“Mud, besides being mercifully cheap, is undeniably beautiful” – Hassan Fathy Mud has been one of the first known building materials to man. Painstakingly constructed mud homes, that are build to blend in with its natural surroundings have been a sight synonymous with Indian villages for ages. However, over the recent years doubts have been […]

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Summer & Travel

It’s that time of the year again when AC manufacturers are set to make a killing. Everyone around is going to be cribbing about the daunting heat outside and find excuses to stay indoors. Yup, you know summer has set in when you are inundated with those pesky forwards on WhatsApp which asks the sun […]

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Go Local in Goa!

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” – Herman Melville For a slice of a real Goan paradise move away from the usual beaches & crowd of Goa. Stay with a local Goan family in their ancestral home, discover the silent blue backwaters, go fishing and canoe riding, travel back in […]

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Bakers and the Makers: Goenche Poder

Growing up in Goa,we never believed in making use of alarm clocks. Our early wakeup call every morning was either in the form of yelling from our mothers or it was the sweet sound paaaaaan- poooooon, paaaaaan-poooooon ponk ponk! The horn announcing the arrival of ‘Poder’ (baker) on his bicycle. Hot hot ‘pao’ delivered to […]

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Tangled up in Green

“Making Goa a part of a multi-destination holiday in the Konkan region does not take much thought…obviously. But experiencing Goa through its villages (a random suggestion from a friend and travel enthusiast) is as unconventional as it is fascinating. Best done under the aegis of the expert, a friend and I chose to go with […]

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