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Solkadi – More than just a meal

It is 7 am in the morning on the picturesque island of Divar. Her neighbours are still waking up to the sound of the cocks crowing, but Luiza’s kitchen has been buzzing with activity since 6 am. Her friends and co-members of the Saint Bridget Self Help Group, Divar are already in her kitchen. Together they sip warm […]

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10 offbeat places in Goa you must visit

A myriad different memories take over every times someone utters the word – Goa. Happy memories of golden sunsets, lush paddy fields, warm people and friends. Whoever coined the phrase ‘Goa is not a place, but a state of mind’ knew what he/she was talking about. And thankfully gone are the days when Goa was […]

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Tangled up in Green

“Making Goa a part of a multi-destination holiday in the Konkan region does not take much thought…obviously. But experiencing Goa through its villages (a random suggestion from a friend and travel enthusiast) is as unconventional as it is fascinating. Best done under the aegis of the expert, a friend and I chose to go with […]

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Unforgettable memories

There can be no better feeling other than staying at a home stay. One might wonder why should we book a home stay when we have a choice of luxurious hotels & resorts. Trust me you might want to reconsider your choices. My experience in Goa left me with such a great feeling that I […]

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23rd August, 2014 marked the centuries old tradition of celebrating Bonderam Festival of Divar Island as a spectacular destination for engaging, family fun. The usually calm and quite Divar island comes alive with the vibrant festive spirit. The festival is a memoir to the dispute and the fury of the Villagers over the Portuguese system of […]

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Pictures speak a thousand words


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