Fall in love with the monsoons to know what the fuss is about

29 June 2018

The monsoon clouds have taken over the reins of the heavens for the next few months. The grey skies and the million shades of green bring out the best of each other. While the rest of nature revels this season, there are some of us who cringe at the sound of the pitter-patter. “Oh no, the rains are back”, they say. Know someone who fits the description? Here is a list of our top monsoon destinations that will convert the non-believers into rain lovers..

You gotta try it to believe it:

Vagamon, Kerala

This mystery getaway is located in the Western ghats of Kerala. While this destination is an all year favourite, we believe the south west monsoons infuse the air with some special magic. You get to wake up amidst clouds, watch a sunset with the butterflies and taste some heavenly Syrian Catholic Kerala styled food. A special feature of this location is a water body with enchanting emerald waters that emerge from an underground spring. Hidden amidst rocks and thick foliage, it is like your own private pool.



Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

This is a special place. This one is for the dreamers, the brave at heart and for those who feel at home in a forest! Fancy seeing some elephants during your morning walks or making friends with the 300 plus species of butterflies that call it home? You’ll like the place no matter from where you come. Simply put, it is the best place to enjoy the beauty of Western Ghats in all its glory.




Amboli, Maharashtra

This is probably best place to celebrate the monsoons. Clouds and mist welcome you and transport you to a monsoon wonderland. The monsoons create mini waterfalls in so many places that you could find your own waterfall away from the crowds. Do you know someone who hates walking in the rain? Get ‘em here. This place will convert them. Plus you also get to enjoy the warm hospitality of the local hosts and satiate your hunger with traditional Konkan fare. So a triple thumbs up!



Netravali, South Goa

Looking to connect with nature or trying to discover inner peace? Look no further. This rural destination has somehow managed to do just that for our many travellers who can’t stop raving about it. The simplicity of the village folk will charm you and make you never want to leave the place. Staying at this place is like attending your own personal retreat with Mother Nature and watching the rains like meditation.



Salvador-do-Mundo, North Goa

Imagine staying in this beautiful, ancestral house in Goa during the monsoons. Watching the rain drops tickle down the Mangalore tiles to form tiny puddles just enough to sail paper boats like the good old days…




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