You know you are in a village when…

May 2, 2016

Our life these days revolves around the constant hustle and bustle of Facebook statuses, city lights, work shifts and lengthy queues all around.  Life is wasted away in an endless accumulation of wealth only to realize later that our spirit was never nourished in this rat race and we were left with a constant sense of regret and unhappiness. Let’s step away for a moment and peep into the apparently “unrefined” interior of our mother land. Come let’s fall in love with these dusty roads, tiny tots dancing in rain, the tears of happiness that fall on farm. Let us explore everything a village has which makes it no less than a heaven. You know you are in a village..

When you see beauty soul deep…DSCN3571

One’s beauty does not lie in the flesh or in the cosmetics we apply to the flesh but in our permanent selves which reflects our true individuality. Similarly the soul of our country lives in our villages. Beauty can never be entirely felt through pictures. But through my words I aspire to express true beauty. Come lets set our hearts upon knowing what true beauty actually is!

There is a great sense of joy when our heart portrays a picture of greenery, our eyes bask in the soothing colors, the mind absorbed in heavenly stillness, and the peace of the surroundings transports us to a world beyond! This literally lets you live a lifetime in a single moment of peace, making your living a divine one.

When you feel you are inside a countryside painting..DSCN7653

Villages embrace our country with its stunning beauty giving us the privilege of being able to see clear blue skies. The gorgeous constellations adorn our village skies like the sparkling jewels of a tiara. It doesn’t have the unbearable odor of polluting exhaust gases emanating from smoldering factories which have already eaten up most parts of urban world.

Nothing can be compared to the heavenly rays of the morning sun that fall on us, the swift yet calm breeze that gives our soul the ultimate peace. Isn’t it a beautiful sight? Who doesn’t fall for the sight of adorable young ladies carrying “matka” above their heads?

When you cannot decide which is an actual family..DSCN6626

Apart from the external beauty, villages are no less in inner beauty as well. People residing in villages are very down to earth and devoid of any pride or ego. People here might be limited in their knowledge of foreign languages, yet they are much better in expressing and understanding thoughts, desires and feelings. People here don’t aspire to buy big apartments or erect more buildings; instead they endeavor to make their huts of love. The handmade huts in the villages made of simple natural materials are being held by the rock solid pillar of love and bonding. The deeply rooted culture brings the community closer.

When you hear more ‘we’ and less ‘I’…P1000792

Yes the pace of life in villages is slow, but it also gives you time for yourself, which helps in understanding yourself better. People in villages make friends for life, irrespective of gender and wealth. They truly live as “brothers and sisters”. They learn to love and support their parents, which translates to love for all humans and animals around them.

When jumping into the water and playing with stones is the favorite pass time..P1000362


The exultation which fills our heart when we see kids playing “gilli danda” cannot be compared to any of the joys which we get, nor an XBOX neither any PS can match it. The innocence in that play, executed over the raw dust and in grime is a sight of joy and pride. Indigenous games keep them physically fit and builds character leading to a better life & health.

When you see mother nature as medico & mender..IMG_0567

All the daily routine work and traditional occupations make the people of villages fit and naturally immune to diseases even without running to gyms and healthcare centers. It is usual for people here to use turmeric which is known to have good antiseptic properties and is also a natural healer, cow dung to clean homes which is a efficacious disinfectant that prevents many diseases from spreading, to grow trees in their own garden especially Neem which is the best ever known plant that can keep people safe from diseases or any stomach troubles. It has been a tradition in villages of South to decorate their houses – the entrances with designs, using rice powder (Kollam) which becomes a food for ants & birds. Not only their homes, they believe in decorating their surroundings by their art work all handmade with love and dedication. This fuels the creativity and leads to development of their skill & wisdom.

Let us make a beginning here!!

Life is a bunch of uncertainties that never fails to amaze us with its swift turns and twists. Anything can happen anytime, but it doesn’t mean we can let things drift or take them for granted! Things are felt needed the most only when we don’t have them. Our country is taking steps towards an atrocious future. Global Warming, deforestation, pollution are not meager words, but are serious threats to the very existence of our country and planet.

Every drop together forms an Ocean; every step taken towards a goal has its own significance. Let’s unite to save our greenery and preserve the artistic genius of the countryside.


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