"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." – Mother Teresa

Ashwini Krishna

Founder & CEO

Ashwini is an avid dreamer who loves star gazing and painting with soul and body. She is happiest while working on fresh ideas and in the company of good old friends. Someone who cherishes a chat with plants and animals. She is also Damroo’s human, who is a 4 year old Doberman. Damroo is pretty much as old as NativefolksJ

Bryony Pereira

Social Media

Bryony is a quintessential Libran who loves to experiment and try out a little bit of everything. Travel for her is overrated unless it is done the right way – which is the Nativefolks way. She has done her MBA in Marketing and has about 5 years of work experience. Her favourite activity for relaxing is sleeping all day, snuggling in bed with a good book and playing with her pet dog.

Pantaleao Fernandes

Goa Connoisseur

Author of books about Goa like 100 Goan Experiences, Traditional occupations of Goa and Goa Remembered.


Sikkim Connoisseur

Tara is a being human enthusiast with a deep compassion for everything she feels from her heart. She has been facilitating travellers for an immersive experience in rural India since 2010. She loves to trek, dance, sing and cook. She loves to ponder over the mysteries and mystics of this creation. She is a social work graduate and has worked with national and international nonprofits and is associated with American study abroad since 8 years. She is also currently pursuing her PhD, focusing on rural sociology and socioeconomic development in the eastern Himalayas, particularly agro-based livelihood security and resilience in farming households in Sikkim.

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