Six Travel Resolutions For 2015!

February 3, 2015


Bungee-JumpingBeing spontaneous at times is a MUST. Some of the most memorable experiences are the ones we never expected to have.Do something that scares you, challenge yourself & embrace your fears. Leave the guide book at home, plan a last minute trip, go solo, ditch the technology, taste that never-eaten-before local cuisine or try out a new adventure sport. Travel the way it is meant to be where you push your limits and go somewhere & do something you hadn’t really considered. Dive in and at the very least you’ll have gems of experiences & tales to cherish for a lifetime.


file4731293467677How well do you know your own city? No one is a tourist at home however are there must-see sites in your own city that you have never actually set your eyes on? The next time a friend or family member comes to town, take them around to explore the city and to know the place better. Once the mainstream attractions are out of the way, head off the beaten path for urban hidden gems. After exploring your own city turn towards the beautiful villages nearby for a retreat to a simpler life. Our rich heritage and tradition lies preserved in the villages. Walk into any village across the country, and you will feel joy in simplicity and peace in the lap of nature.


file000781015372Travel is education in itself. Music, food, culture, water- the best trips teach us something, whether that be something about ourselves or the place we have gone to explore. Try homestays to get a better look at local life. Talk to locals and make meaningful connections. Embrace more opportunities to learn on your next trip by taking a class in something that interests you. From cooking or dance classes to lessons in art, culture, language and activities, studying around the world is one more way to make a deeper connection with the local culture.


file2401264277552 (1)We travel to meet people, to experience things outside our normal life and to explore this big, beautiful planet we call home. Yet, there’s no denying that the very act of travel is affecting the planet’s ecosystem in a negative way. Environment, natural resources & local economies all get impacted by tourism. You can’t eliminate the negative impact your travel has on the Earth, but you can reduce or offset it by taking a green approach to travel. It is an easy and essential way to protect the places you love to visit. Travel slowly, go by foot or take mass transit as much as possible. Respect the local culture and environment and only support businesses that do as well. It often makes for a more rewarding, authentic travel experience, encouraging deeper connections with the people and places you visit. Give back to the local communities you visit, and encourage others to do the same.

5. JOIN A FESTIVALHoliFestival makes life a celebration. From colorful cultural festivals to music to food and wine, some of the countries around the world hold spectacular festivals annually. Be it grand or small, if you fancy living up a festival, mark your calender dates today to live it up.


bucketList Are you sitting with a long travel bucket list which grows every year? Have you been postponing your trip on account of various reasons? Whatever your travel dream is – to ride in the Himalayas, to surf in the beaches of Hawaii, to go on African safari, to a romantic getaway in Bali or to take a round-the-world trip – make this the year you make it happen! Stop putting it off any further, there will never be a perfect time. Put up pictures of all your favorite destinations on a goal board and come up with a plan to achieve your goals in small steps. Make 2015 the year you realize your travel dreams.

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