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Six Travel Resolutions For 2015!

1. DARE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT Being spontaneous at times is a MUST. Some of the most memorable experiences are the ones we never expected to have.Do something that scares you, challenge yourself & embrace your fears. Leave the guide book at home, plan a last minute trip, go solo, ditch the technology, taste that […]

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23rd August, 2014 marked the centuries old tradition of celebrating Bonderam Festival of Divar Island as a spectacular destination for engaging, family fun.┬áThe usually calm and quite Divar island comes alive with the vibrant festive spirit. The festival is a memoir to the dispute and the fury of the Villagers over the Portuguese system of […]

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3 Simple reasons why we love Goa in rains..

Rains bring romance in Goa. Cloud-covered beaches, Picturesque green landscape, drizzle dappled cathedrals during monsoon in Goa is something to adore. Its cooler and quite different from the days of sunny blue skies. Add to this the drive to Goa via the Konkan, is one of the most amazing drive with picture perfect scenery. A […]

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