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  • In what way is this fellowship unique and creative?
  • What is the social value of this fellowship?
  • Who is eligible for the fellowship?
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About the Travel Fellowship

About the Travel Fellowship

Nativefolks believes that travel is a powerful tool for an individual to embrace the culture, arts and truly understand the people in relation to their place. By living with the locals, learning their language and indulging in their daily activities, a person is able to transform to respect and love another human in their own authentic way of living. Through this travel fellowship, we wish to draw together people from around the globe, people seeking to learn about diverse cultures, passionate about rural tourism, cultural tourism and fascinated by indigenous communities. The fellows will travel to Sikkim, a humble state situated in Northeast India. During this time, they will have the opportunity to explore the culture of the state, immerse in its traditions, art forms and live with the locals by engaging in various community projects as a part of our mission towards responsible travel.

In what way is this fellowship unique and creative?

In what way is this fellowship unique and creative?

This fellowship is aimed at creating a positive impact in the lives of the Sikkimese people and the traveller. Through research and participation in workshops held by change-makers, the participants will gain knowledge and understanding of the culture and community activities of the state. This will help them in creating ideal solutions and introducing innovative ways to tackle grassroots problems faced by the community. This program is aimed to provide an experience of being a leisure traveller to a responsible & sustainable traveller and thereby changing one’s perspective on life.

What is the social value of this fellowship?

What is the social value of this fellowship?

The four main objectives are:

  • To provide the young population of this world with a transformational experience through immersive journey
  • To help sustain the lesser known communities of Northeast India by helping them with community projects.
  • To  inspire the urban class people through the experiences of young fellows and bring in positive change
  • To create awareness about India’s diverse and rich culture, how one can contribute by being part of rural tourism initiatives.
Who is eligible for the fellowship?

Who is eligible for the fellowship?

  • An avid traveller with a creative mind bursting with ideas.
  • Having experience working with communities in India would be plus
  • Worked previously on any community projects or created models to help bring about social change.
  • Passionate about different cultures, traditions and languages
  • A strong believer of living a simple life
About Sikkim Program

About Sikkim

Travelling to Sikkim, “The Mountain Kingdom” boasts plunging super-steep valleys thick with lush subtropical woodlands and rhododendron groves. This marvellous northeastern state has numerous gifts to offer every adventurer. Lepchas are the original inhabitants of the state. In spite of the different communities occupying the state, Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese, the people here live in peace and togetherness. The Sikkimese are known for their ancient sport of archery which is played by wearing a traditional costume known as ‘Kho’. The local food reflects the diverse culture of the state which is a harmonious blend of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India.  

Duration of the fellowship:

Duration of the fellowship:

Short duration programs are designed 10 days. Our upcoming program is scheduled between 20th -30th May 2019.

Long duration program is structured for 4 weeks. Our upcoming program is scheduled between 1st May- 30th May 2019.

We invite applications for our upcoming program.

Interested Participants register here: https://bit.ly/2E86pVm

For more info on the fee & program write to us : info@nativefolks.com


10- Day Responsible Travel Program:

Our short duration program offers an abstract experience of 4 week travel fellowship program. Here is the program agenda that is split across the 10 days (Program schedule are subject to change depending on the feasibility and availability of resources):

Dates: 20th - 30th May 2019

1. Introduction, basic orientation and village tour
2. Informal language class, transect walk with farmer and indulge in agricultural activities.
3. Hands on making local culinary dishes.
4. Interaction with community members, understanding the local culture, tradition and eco-system
5. Practical workshop on sustainable domestic processes
6. Cultural engagement local folk dance and music subject to number of enrolments (Min 6)
7. Free day to explore around the village.
8. Final reflection and see off.
Program Fee: Shared on request/ on successful screening of candidate. Fee includes stay, all meals, guided activities, local transport and support.
Interested participants can fill the enrolment form here- https://bit.ly/2E86pVm
On successful screening, the candidates will be advised to pay the fee within specified timeline and confirm their participation.
Write to us: info@nativefolks.com, for more clarification.
One Month Fellowship Program Structure:

One Month Fellowship Program Structure:

Schedule: 1st - 30th May 2019

Week 1: Orientation & introduction

Walkthrough the countryside and understand the village life, local economy and the overall eco-system. Build rapport with the host and the local people. Spend time understanding their culture and learning the language.

Week 2: Earth Citizen - Conscious evolution

Preparing the nextgen to be more sensitive about the earth & environment. Learn sustainable practices in conserving & preserving nature. Understand the bio-diversity, the flora & fauna and the co-existence.

Week 3: Agroecology, Food, Holistic Health

Delve into the organic farming process and gain a basic understanding of the crop growing procedure. Gets hands on from farm- plate, knowing how & doing- sourcing raw material from food crops, processing and adding as ingredient to make various local culinary recipes. 

Week 4: Community Project

Get involved in community initiatives such as seed bank, effective waste management techniques, peer learning system, kitchen garden etc. Work with the community and take the learnings back to your place to lead & bring positive changes to your society.

How can you apply?

How can you apply?

Interested candidates are requested to fill in the questionnaire. Acknowledgement of the application along with cost of the program will be sent to you via mail.

Shortlisted candidates will have a telephonic interview and evaluated on the right fit.

Selected candidates will have to confirm their seats by making full payment of the program within stipulated deadline usually one week from the date of intimation of selection.

Register here to participate: https://bit.ly/2E86pVm


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