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Echoes of Nature at Netravali

Echoes of Nature at Netravali | 3 days, 2 nights

Sitting pretty in the Western Ghats of Goa is the Netravali wildlife sanctuary. This gorgeous sanctuary is dotted with picturesque waterfalls and set against an incredible mountain landscape. Situated within the perimeters of this reserve is our peaceful village that is home to the warmest folks you have ever come across. Come and learn their secret of blissful living.


•Traditional breakfast and lunch prepared by the local womenfolk
•Village trail, followed by a short, medium trek in to the jungle to discover a hidden waterfall
•Hike to the highest point in this village for an aerial view of the reserve

Rs 1250 per person only
Both groups and solo travelers r welcome

Everyday 9:00am to evening 4:30pm

Stay with a Goan family, velip tribal community.
Experience a peaceful stay in a rustic village home.
Embrace nature's beauty.
Enjoy a delicious meal prepared from local produce.


Call us on +91 9607013300. Or drop a line @

About Nativefolks

Born in 2014, Nativefolks is a startup which all about the local folks – their culture, their home, their way of life, all the drama and the stories. We are dedicated to connecting culturally sensitive travelers to culturally rich rural communities. This initiative looks forward to tread the path of a cultural entrepreneurship, unique to each community. Its ultimate aim is to open up alternate livelihood opportunities for locals, create more exposure to local arts, heritage and culture and in turn rejuvenate the local economy.

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