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Solkadi – Meal with a local


More than just a lunch!

Away from the shacks, bars and cafés of Goa, savour the local Goan cuisine with those who have called Goa home, lived here for years and have inherited not just the traditional recipes but also brilliant cooking skills from their ancestors. Make friends with warm Goan families, exchange village tales amidst indigenous flavours and fine wine across the family dining table. And if you are game, then join us on charming village walks. You can choose your meal option from the following:

If you thought Goans eat Fish curry-Rice and drink beer on a daily basis, you may not be entirely wrong. But, there’s more to the menu. Eat like a local, with a local. Know more about their eating habits and kitchen secrets. Who knows if you make new friends along with filling your stomach!
Price: Rs. 650 per person up to 4 people, Rs. 550 per person for more than 4 people

Apart from a work day-off, Sundays have become synonymous with small personal celebrations, a major part of which is decided by where and what to eat. This time, combine the essence of a home-cooked meal with the experience of eating out. Be a guest to a local, become a part of their Sunday story as you indulge in mouth-watering delicacies cooked by them.
Price: Rs. 850 per person up to 4 people, Rs. 700 per person for more than 4 people

Variety is the spice of life and if you like to taste different flavours, choose from a whole range of Authentic Goan cuisine prepared by those who have known and cooked it for generations. From crispy Chops to steaming Stews and delectable desserts, we have it all. Plus, get to know your hosts and share your food for love with them.
Price: Rs. 1,250 per person up to 4 people, Rs. 1,050 per person for more than 4 people


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Born in 2014, Nativefolks is a startup which all about the local folks – their culture, their home, their way of life, all the drama and the stories. We are dedicated to connecting culturally sensitive travelers to culturally rich rural communities. This initiative looks forward to tread the path of a cultural entrepreneurship, unique to each community. Its ultimate aim is to open up alternate livelihood opportunities for locals, create more exposure to local arts, heritage and culture and in turn rejuvenate the local economy.

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