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May 13, 2014

 Hello Friends, how many times have we visited a new place, spent the majority of our time shuttling between one point to the other in cars and never really stopped for a moment to absorb the culture of the destination?? How many times have we been on a vacation, stayed in luxury hotels, ate in fine dining restaurants, partied hard, visited sightseeing locations yet went back feeling empty about the fact that we had little interaction with the local people or know little about the place?? The next thing we know, our attempt to take a break from our busy lives has actually just made a huge hole in our pockets without making us feel any better. Right from the days of yore the true spirit of tourism was always to facilitate a cultural exchange between people, promote love and bonding, a learning experience and some time for self-reflection. Over time with rapid commercialization, this spirit has been muddled behind the façade of big five star hotels.

“I was not born for one corner, The whole world is my native land”- Seneca

 It is in this true spirit of tourism, in the true spirit of humanity that we launch native folks. We at native folks have experienced the magical feeling of connecting with strangers and the ensuing permanent bonds that emerge from such interactions. We wish to provide the culturally sensitive travelers a similar experience. We connect the geo-savvy tourists with hosts of rural communities who are willing to share their houses for short stays. Guests can easily choose and book affordable homestays which opens up an opportunity for cultural exchange between the host and guest. This would also serve as an alternate source of income for the host families. And if you are harboring any doubts on safety, hospitality just have faith in the tireless ground work we do to ensure all our stakeholders have an amazing experience. A little faith goes a long way in exploring the unknown!

Come embrace native folks, go back with stories of having met some amazing people, travel to some exotic locations, having absorbed the rich local culture and memories/bonds that you shall cherish forever.

Stay tuned to know about our very first location of homestays.

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