Why Rural Tourism?

9 December 2017

When was the last time you woke up to the sound of birds chirping, roosters crowing and the smell of fresh dew on delicate green grass? Or taken a moment to relish the shapes the raindrops form when they hit the mud, especially along the edges of a tiled roof. Or revel in the rays of a golden sunrise as they graze your face at just after dawn? Or skip along butterfly trails with the sun as your guide?

If you have had to think about the answer, it is high time that you take a break from the smog filled mornings, alarms, buzzing mobiles, chaos and round the clock traffic noise. Rural tourism might be the newest kid on the block but it’s here to stay. All of a sudden, ‘how to experience the authentic India’ seems to be on every travel connoisseur’s to-do list. Everyone is talking about going back to the roots and experiencing simplicity of these warm hearted village folks. Here, we try to figure out if rural tourism is worth the hype?


“People you meet: No hotel can match the warmth of a loving host. Indian hospitality is world renowned and is best summed up as”Athithi devo bhava” (The guest is equivalent to God). Stories about the hosts’ background, their simple ways of living, timeless kitchen remedies will enrich your travel experience and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.”

“Culture and food: Each village in India is unique bringing along with it, its own distinct art and cultural heritage. India’s USP in the field of rural tourism lies in its diversity which is simply beyond par.”

“Natural Healing: Most of the Indian villages are snuggled amidst abundant nature. And nature can make you a happier, healthier, kinder and a more creative person. The benefits of spending time in nature are scientifically proven to – improve memory, reduce stress, reduce inflammation, improve concentration, improve vision especially among kids, reduce depression and boost happiness, sharper thinking, and even possible anti-cancer effects. Nature seems to have the cure for all our questions, our worries and our health concerns.”

“Zero carbon footprint: Most of the villages in India revere Mother Nature. They could probably teach us a thing or two about environmental consciousness, reducing waste produced by an individual and waste management.”

“Social impact: With approximately 74% of India’s population residing in villages, it is high time to bring about this rural revolution. By supporting rural tourism you are not only getting all the benefits listed above but you are giving hope to a simple villager that running off to the nearest town/city is not the only option. This also encourages the local youth to take pride in the cultural heritage and work toward sustaining it for generations to come. Of course this influx of income is related to improvement in their standard of living, sanitation requirements and hopefully education.”

Do let us know in the comments below, why do u think rural tourism is essential to both the traveler and the tourism industry..



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